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I am Leo Sharkey and I’ve been building fine furniture for the past 10 years.  You can read about me for some background information on my work and methods.  My intention is to offer extremely well built, heirloom quality furniture using highly figured and exotic woods. 

The wood I use is hand selected for color, figure and whenever possible a combination of both.  Figure is the waviness or curl of the grain and adds interesting and exotic visual textures to the wood.  By searching through hundreds of board-feet of lumber at a time, I can select only the most highly figured boards for my projects.  This extremely select lumber is what separates my pieces from those found elsewhere. 

My stock of figured lumber is constantly rotating as I build pieces and find new boards.  The shop always has a few hundred board feet of maple and cherry for desks, pies safes, cabinets, etc.  Please explore my product offerings and if there is something that piques your interest, or you have a special request, please contact me.  You can also download a 1 MB brochure to print out on you own computer.


Of course, my work is unconditionally guaranteed for the lifetime of the original owner against defects in workmanship and materials.  All of my work is branded with the LRS logo, signed and dated in an inconspicuous spot usually on the underside of the piece.

Veronica's Desk

Tall Cherry Cupboard

I am a proud member of the Minnesota Woodworker's Guild.

I can also be found at


If you can imagine it, I can build it.  For a FREE ESTIMATE, please give me a call or fill out the form on the Request an Estimate page.
Leo Sharkey Fine Woodworking 
1018 Sherwood Rd. * Shoreview, MN * 55126
Phone: (651) 402-1389