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Carved Lid Boxes

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Carved Pull Boxes

Jatoba Box 6" W x 3" H x 14" L

Cherry Box 7" W x 4" H x 14" L

These carved pull boxes are ideal for storing everyday items or keepsakes.  I have one on my dresser that is used for storing a spare watch, pocket knives, keys, etc.  Quite a few were sold over the last holiday season and made great gifts. 
The boxes can be made to virtually an size needed and from nearly any wood that you would like.  The Jatoba is also known as Brazillian Cherry and is a very hard and dense wood.  It makes a great box.  I've also made boxes from American Cherry and Maple.  All boxes have doweled joints, usually using a walnut dowel. 
If you would like your own box, please request an estimate.


Leo carving the pull for a box lid.

Jatoba Box

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