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Chimney Cupboard

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Chimney Cupboard:  Cherry Hardwood


This tall cabinet is based on a Shaker style cupboard, often called a Chimney Cupboard because of it's height and narrow footprint - much like a chimney.  This piece was first built for a couple in Minneapolis who needed some extra storage but didn't have much floor space to put it in.  We made their cupboard 7 feet tall.  They love their cupboard!

As you can see from the photos, this cupboard is solid cherry hardwood with a frame and panel back.  The lower door is also a frame and panel design. 
Overall Dimensions:  16 inches wide x 14 inches deep x 84 inches tall.
If you would like your own Chimney Cupboard, please request an estimate.

Chimney Cupboard: Frame and Panel Back

Cherry Chimney Cupboard

Chimney Cupboard
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