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Side Tables:  Leopardwood and Curly Maple
This side table has a Leopardwood top, straight grained maple legs and curly maple aprons.  The curly maple is a beautiful contrast to the figure of the leopardwood and the vertical grain draws your eye up to the table top.  The base is finished with shellac and wax, while the top is finished with an oil / polyurathane mixture.
Dimensions:  26 inches long x 16 inches wide x 22 inches tall.

Side Tables:  Granadillo and Birds-eye Maple
This is an example of the side tables that I make.  This particular table has a Granadillo top with maple legs and birds-eye maple aprons.  The Granadillo was a single slab that was resawed and bookmatched to produce the mirror image symmetry that you see below. 
Dimensions:  27 inches long x 17 inches wide x 22 inches tall.



Close-up view of the leopardwood table top.  This picture is very true to the color of the wood.  It is truly spectacular.


Granadillo Table Top:

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