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Hall Table:  Single cherry board top with curly cherry legs
The wood for this table top was initially a 14 foot long, 17 inch wide cherry board with no sapwood.  It was a truly remarkable board and I still have over 9 feet left!
This particular table was made for a client in Michigan who had been searching for several years to find just the right table to use as a combination hall table and dining room sideboard. 
The figure in the legs and top is quite remarkable.  To accentuate the color and textures, the slab was first sanded smooth and then scraped to bring out the luster that can only be obtained by scraping.  The entire piece was hand-rubbed with 4 coats of oil and varnish mixture and then 2 coats of oil and wax. 
Dimensions:  50 inches long x 15 inches wide x 32 inches tall.
If you would like your own custom built hall table, please request an estimate.

Cherry Table Top: Single board 15" W x 50" D

Curly Bubinga Hall Table

Curly Bubinga Hall Table:
The top of this table is curly bubinga and the legs are maple.  Curly maple was use for the aprons and really sets off the curly bubinga top.
Custom table, 48 inches wide, 14 inches deep, 34 inches tall.

Curly Bubinga Table Top
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