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Jewelry Chests

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Pam's Cherry and quilted maple jewelry chest

Jewelry Chest

This jewelry chest was commissioned by woman who makes jewelry and needed a nice place to put her collection. The design for this chest evolved over a few hours and we are extremely happy with the results. This particular chest has 14 drawers that are lined with a very rich upholstery grade velvet on a foam covered board.
The chest has a frame and panel back and the drawer fronts are cut sequentially from a bookmatched, quilted maple panel. The drawer fronts are finished with super blonde shellac and wax and the case is finished with boiled linseed oil and wax.
Overall Dimensions:  44 inches tall x 18 inches deep x 20 inches wide.
If you would like your own chest, please request an estimate.

Jewelry Chest

Frame and panel back

Debra's 16 drawer jewelry chest

Walnut front chest
Bookmatched walnut drawers and mahogany case
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