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This page is a constantly updated to reflect most of the lumber that I have in stock.  None of the stock is finished yet, so it may look a bit dull.  Don't worry, once scraped and finished, these pieces will develop incredible color, figure and luster.

Lacewood Table Tops
These two panels are available for end tables.  I would reccomend matching the tops with curly maple aprons instead of birds-eye so that the round nature of each doesn't clash.  If you are interested, please request a quote.


Padauk Table Top
This is the natural color of Padauk.  Given time and exposure to UV light, the wood will take on a rich, warm and much darker reddish brown glow.  This piece has been sized for an end table that I would use birds-eye or curly maple aprons to build.  If you are interested, please request a quote.


Walnut Slab for Coffee Table
This walnut slab is 1 3/4 inches thick, 44 inches long and 23 inches at it's widest.  I plan on shaping the edges in a very similar fashion to the walnut coffee table shown on the Tables page.  If you are interested, please request a quote.


Curly  Birch Board
Both ends of this 8 foot long board are shown so that you can appreciate the figure in the wood.  The board is at least 15 inches wide and would make 2 excellent hall tables.  In fact, I plan on making at least one hall table with cherry legs and curly cherry aprons, or perhaps the spalted birch board that I've been saving...  If you are interested, please request a quote.



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