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French Rolling Pins


Often called French rolling pins, these tapered rolling pins are a joy to use. The long length and taper allows you to roll out a wide batch of dough very simply and easily. I made one of these for my wife 10 years ago and she still won't part with it to this day.

My pins are always hand-turned on a lathe, so the lengths and diameters vary slightly. Approximate dimensions 23" long x 1.75" diameter with 14" to 15" between the tapered handles.


My rolling pins make a great gift and come packaged with a ribbon and a recipe. Recipes available are:

Aunt Janet's Favorite Sugar Cookies

Mom's Apple Pie

Mom's Chicken Pot Pie

To make gift giving more convenient, direct shipment is available. Just order a rolling pin and have it sent directly to the gift recipient!

Rolling Pins: $25 plus USPS shipping (about $5)

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