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My Workshop


My workshop is a room that's roughly 36 feet long and 13 feet wide.  Like all woodworkers, I'll always say that I could use more space, but in reality, this is a great workspace.  To use the space more efficiantly, some of my large tools are on mobile bases and are pulled out only when needed.
My favorite thing in the shop is the european style workbench that I built a few years ago.  The top is laminated maple, 2 1/4" thick with 5" thick maple aprons.  There's a tool tray with removable bottom on one end and the opposite end has a twin screw vise.  The entire bench weighs over 400 lbs without any tools in the drawers and really helps stabilize the bench when hand planing stock.
My wood rack will hold several hundred board feet of lumber and is usually filled with some cherry and maple stock in addition to whatever interesting boards I can find at my local suppliers.  In most of the pictures, you can see the lighting I added to the shop - 6 110 Watt twin bulb fixtures for a total of 1320 Watts.  My friends in New England would say that it is "wicked bright."  All in all, I'm very pleased with the space and really enjoy working in it. 

European style workbench

View to east end of shop

North wall lumber storage rack

Southeastern view of shop

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