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Veronica's Desk

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Veronica's Desk:  Cherry and Curly Cherry

The Original Veronica's Desk

New Version of Veronica's Desk

This is Veronica's Desk, so named because the first one was built for my daughter Veronica.  She loves her desk and constantly uses it.  Obviously beautiful, this desk is also extremely sturdy.  On the original version, the aprons are joined to the legs with sliding dovetails where newer versions use mortise and tenon joints.  Both are very strong and functional. 

Frame and Panel Back on Veroncia's Desk

Veronica's Desk with lid open

The back on the original is shiplapped (overlapping boards running vertically), but the newer version is a frame and panel design which gives the piece a more stately look.  The beauty of the frame and panel also allows the piece to be placed in the middle of a room and not be relegated to a wall space.
Overall Dimensions:  34 1/2 inches wide x 26 1/2 inches deep x 61 inches tall.
If you would like your own Veronica's Desk, please request an estimate.

Veronica's Desk

New version of Veronica's Desk

Sliding dovetail attaching bookcase to bottom rail

This is a photo of the sliding dovetail joints that attach the bookcase sides to the top and bottom of the case.  Though the joint is harder to make, it is very strong and can not be pulled apart vertically.


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